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for business
for business — Increased periods of uninterrupted equipment operation.
— Enhanced equipment capacity.
— Shortening of repair time due to use of domestically made parts.
— Reduction of repair and maintenance costs.
for the State
For the State — Equipment operation without violation of technical regulations.
— Import substitution of equipment with equivalents of domestic make.
— Increase of output goods.
for people
For people — Easy maintenance of equipment .
— Enhanced occupational safety.
Our equipment is produced based on technologies that proved to be reliable thanks to significant experience of filter elements operation at State Corporation “ROSATOM” facilities.
Gas purification efficiency
Gas purification efficiency is no less 99,9%.
2-staged filtration
Application of 2-staged filtration principle:
I stage: removal of dripping liquid from the gas stream
II stage: gas stream cleaning from mechanical impurities
filtration degree
Guaranteed gas filtration degree is from 0,01 micron and coarser.
filter elements
Manufacture of filter elements with isotropic structure as well as with anisotropic filtering based on nickel powder and steel.
filter elements regeneration
Possibility of filter elements regeneration.
pressure drop
Initial pressure drop across the filter is no more 10 kPa.
substitution programme
Possibility to manufacture analogue filters within the import substitution programme.
Availability of ready-made technical projects

Availability of ready-made technical projects
Carrying out of technical audit

Carrying out of technical audit
Turnkey job possibilities

Turnkey job possibilities
Approval of technical projects with regulatory authorities and design institutes.

Approval of technical projects with regulatory authorities and design institutes
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